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Gerardo Nigenda (Mexico City, 1967 – Oaxaca, 2010) began taking photographs in 1999. He was motivated by the contact between photographers and the blind that occurred because the Jorge Luis Borges Library—an archive for the blind of which he was in charge at the time—and the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photography Center were housed in the same building. The paradoxical connection between those two spaces and even their names foretold the subtle interweaving of words and images explored by this creator.

Nigenda discovered a way of “seeing” his photographs and articulating them with previous images in words. In a kind of double revelation, a seeing person would describe his photographs to Nigenda and as his own memory of the photographic register overlapped with that description, he conceived of an image about which he would inscribe in braille on the photographic paper.

With time Nigenda stopped trying to see what had been photographed to share his personal vision. He went from giving “objective” descriptions to telling brief stories, frequently metaphorical, about his experiences with the captured moment. The result, an in/visible assembly, cannot be reduced to ocular experience: it confronts spectators (either blind or seeing) with a threshold that pushes them to visualize their own image arising from the relationship between perception, memory and imagination.

This website begins with Nigenda’s first photographs and ends with his unconcluded project about women from Juchitán. It includes unpublished material that was not reviewed by him for being exhibited (and therefore has no braille), included in the retrospective Thresholds organized by family and friends in 2014, with the support of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts. For the first time the viewer can observe work produced by Gerardo Nigenda over the course of more than ten years.