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Oaxaca, 1999

In the beginning of his exploration of how to approach the image, at the suggestion of Cecilia Salcedo, Nigenda started to write detailed descriptions in braille and in color on the back of a black and white photograph of the first patio of the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photography Center, located on Murguía Street.

Even if the text written on the back was more a personal strategy to locate the photographed scene, Nigenda found another way of seeing by way of words, which he would continue to explore throughout all of his work.




First Patio CEFAB. (Álvarez Bravo Photography Center).

It has pillars that are white in color.

On the wall there’s a vine which is green and has purple flowers.

Where the pillars join, there are plants and green flower pots.

The plants are mostly cactuses. In the background, one can see don Tino, the watchman, and toward the back, the main entrance.

The floor of the first patio is made of green quarried stone. The shot was taken from the back looking toward the front. So it shows the main entrance.